Stock market swindle

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Investec writes Property prices fall in Swiss resorts but climb elsewhere, says UBS report. Marc Chandler writes Great Graphic: Pater Tenebrarum writes Jayant Bhandari on Gold, Submerging Markets and Arbitrage. Finding and filling gaps in the market is one avenue for entrepreneurial success. Obviously, the first to tap into an unmet consumer demand can unlock massive profits.

Unfortunately, finding and filling gaps in the market is much easier said than done. Even the most successful serial entrepreneurs fail more often than they succeed.

The Great Stock Market Swindle - Monetary Watch

Anyone who has ever developed and marketed a new product from concept through sale knows how difficult it is to achieve profitability. For every good idea there must be a hundred bad ones.

Yet the only way to really know the difference between a profit generating idea and a cash hemorrhaging fiasco is through trial and error. Success and failure provide real feedback. They deliver information — at a profit or loss — to businessmen and investors. What adjustments can be made to help eke out a profit? These are the types of information that only the market can provide. But what happens when the feedback loop is short circuited and a potential gap in the market is not really a gap after all?

What if fraud and folderol turns a desert wasteland into a tropical oasis mirage? What happens is that otherwise intelligent investors are duped into throwing good money after bad. This is actually the essence of economic progress; this price decline has benefited consumers immensely and vastly enriched their lives. This makes it all the more baffling that central bankers insist we absolutely need price inflation in order to have economic growth in fact, it actually demonstrates what dangerous lunatics they are.

In his perennial classic Manias, Panics and Crashesauthor Charles Kindleberger includes an entire chapter on the Emergence of Swindles.

Here we turn to Kindleberger for edification:.

stock market swindle

The propensities to swindle and be swindled run parallel to the propensity to speculate during a boom. And the signal for panic is often the revelation of some swindle, theft, embezzlement, or fraud. No doubt, sleight of hand, smoke and mirrors, trick plays, and the like, add a certain lighthearted delight to life.

Cons and scams like these sharpen our wits. Specifically, they help protect our pocketbook from encounters with mutual fund brokers, Dan Rather, and charity fundraisers. Of course, large scale operations to separate fools from their money are no joke. The consequences can be ruinous. Victims may never recover. The phenomenon that manias are as a rule accompanied by massive fraudulent activity that is only uncovered after their demise could be observed again and again, throughout history.

Tetrick had impressed leading Silicon Valley venture capital firms by getting his eggless Just Mayo product into Walmart, Kroger, Safeway, and other top U. At least eight months before the funding round closed, Hampton Creek executives quietly launched a campaign to purchase mass quantities of Just Mayo from stores, according to five former workers and more than receipts, expense reports, cash advances and e-mails reviewed by Bloomberg….

Theranos, and now Hampton Creek. Indeed, one of the reigning hallmarks of our time is the abundance of deceptions that presently pass for standard practice. For example, not long ago, dividend recapitalization — using debt to pay stock dividends — was the sort of dubious practice reserved for private equity firms.

Perhaps this is one reason why stock prices have gone up in the face of 15 months of declining earnings. Make of it what you will.

From our vantage point it appears the entire stock market has turned into a great swindle. Tags Charles Kindleberger Dan Rather Debt and the Fallacies of Paper Money Featured newslettersent On Economy The Stock Market. Your email address will not be published. WednesdayJune 21 Contact us. Ertragskurve und wirtschaftliche Erholung. Zentralbanken, 2-Prozent-Inflationsziel und Fiskalpolitik. Fed, US-Staatspapiere und Bilanzsumme. EUR Realrenditen und Geldpolitik der EZB.

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Die Effekte von energiepolitischen Massnahmen aus Sicht der Unternehmen. Konzeptionelle Probleme der Datenbereitstellung und Vertrauenskrise.

Monte dei Paschi Bail-X. Sources of Low Real Interest Rates. Monthly Investment Strategy Highlights, June Monthly Investment Strategy Highlights, May Where Do We Go From Here? The Pictet Group Annual Review 31 December Milos kauft Gemalto Security — ich auch. Wie Laien gute Aktien finden. Kaufe Carlsberg wegen dessen Regionalbier. Aktien-Fake, Teil 3 von 3. Das Zeitalter der Falken muss anbrechen! The Path to Inflation: How Debt-Asset Bubbles Implode: The Supernova Model of Financial Collapse.

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The Free Portfolio and the Age of the Alpha Stock.

The Great Stock Market Swindle | Zero Hedge

Follow the Price Action and Set Stop-Losses. How you see the Stock Market determines your Profit or Loss! Auch wir Schweizer sind Berliner: Ist Macron Frankreichs letzte Chance? Warum so viele Deutsche? Und der Schuldige heisst: Heinz Karrer, Versager der USR III-Abstimmung. Wieder 35 Jahre Finanzrepression? Wo bleibt die Entschuldung? Wie liberal ist die Schweiz?

Italien braucht ein Wunder. Was die EU mit der katholischen Kirche gemeinsam hat. Schweizer Arbeitsmarkt im Ausnahmezustand. Trumps Steuerreform und die Schweiz. Mehr Mut zur Rendite! Gesamtrechnung der Sozialen Sicherheit Konjunkturprognosen der Expertengruppe des Bundes — Sommer Produzenten- und Importpreisindex im Mai Produzenten- und Importpreisindex sinkt um 0,3 Prozent im Mai Thurgauerinnen und Thurgauer unterwegs: SNB Monetary Policy Assessment June and Comments.

Introductory remarks, news conference. Jayant Bhandari on Gold, Submerging Markets and Arbitrage. In Gold We Trust, Moving Closer to the Precipice. Preview of the Week Ahead.

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USA verabschieden sich vom Pariser Klimaabkommen. Die Schrecken des Kommunismus in China. The Great Stock Market Swindle Last update August 15, See on Internet Archive.

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Short Circuited Feedback Loops Finding and filling gaps in the market is one avenue for entrepreneurial success. MN Gordon considers the following as important: Charles KindlebergerDan RatherDebt and the Fallacies of Paper MoneyFeaturednewslettersentOn EconomyThe Stock Market This could be interesting, too: Value vs Growth Pater Tenebrarum writes Jayant Bhandari on Gold, Submerging Markets and Arbitrage.

Swiss remain top of world innovation ranking.

stock market swindle

Are you the author? Making sense of the latest economic policy touted by the Federal Reserve or the U. Treasury is an exercise in befuddlement. No doubt about it, the economics trade is overcome with an abundance of nonsense these days.

This is no coincidence. Gordon of Economic Prism looks to bring clarity to the muddy waters of economic policy. My articles My site My books About me Follow on: Previous Insanity, Oddities and Dark Clouds in Credit-Land.

Next Why Wages Have Stagnated—and Will Continue to Stagnate. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Avaloq schickte Kunden-Daten an falsche Bank 2 days ago. Never mind the markets. Seeking Alpha articles on CHF. More on this subject Insanity, Oddities and Dark Clouds in Credit-Land. Swindle and Speculation In his perennial classic Manias, Panics and Crashesauthor Charles Kindleberger includes an entire chapter on the Emergence of Swindles.

Here we turn to Kindleberger for edification: Bloomberg video on the allleged Hampton Creek mayo buy-up scam Indeed, one of the reigning hallmarks of our time is the abundance of deceptions that presently pass for standard practice. A few famous market manias and crashes — only one of them the DJIA actually recovered from its losses, but it took 25 years and only one or two of the components of the average at the time of the crash are still part of it today.

Many investors never lived to see the day when they would have theoretically reached breakeven in nominal terms — and very few of them saw the day when it finally recovered in real terms sometime in the mid s.

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