What is a stockbroker definition

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stockbroker Definition in the Cambridge English Dictionary

It was Korea, and I served three years—half of it in the stockade. I heard that Wambe had a stockade round his kraal made of elephant tusks.

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You like to spend your evenings in beating off wild Indians from a stockade. Presently, at the sound of a horn, a great flight of arrows rose high in the air from behind the stockade. We were clear out of the ship, but not yet ashore in our stockade. Six of them, as big a band as he'd ever seen together at one time, had managed to cut them off from the stockade. East of this stockade were the kitchen gardens, but all traces of them have long binweevils mulch and dosh maker vanished.

It what is a stockbroker definition not without a guilty feeling that Rosebud rode out of the what is a stockbroker definition. Have you seen anything of the Indians since you left the stockadeStrides?

Old English stacasee stake n. Meaning "prison, especially on a military post" first recorded Favorite Button CITE Translate Facebook Share.


See more synonyms on Thesaurus. Origin of stockade Expand.

Examples from the Web for stockade Expand. The Talking Horse F.

What is a Stockbroker?

At the Point of the Bayonet G. Treasure Island Robert Louis Stevenson.

Beam Piper and John J. The Story of Sitka C.

what is a stockbroker definition

The Watchers of the Plains Ridgewell Cullum. Wyandotte James Fenimore Cooper.

British Dictionary definitions for stockade Expand. US a military prison or detention area. Word Origin and History for stockade Expand. Discover our greatest slideshows 10 Father Quotes That'll Make You The Oldest Words In The English Dog Idioms Inspired by Our Best The Meanings Behind Harry Potter Browse more topics on our blog What Is the Difference Between Discreet and Discrete?

Learn the correct uses of these two commonly confused homophones.

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Word of the Day. Scrabble Words With Friends. Fort Mims kraal peel stockade fence.

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