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In owning shares from a company, you are investing your Neopoints into that company. Hopefully your investment will help the company to grow. Portfolio - Your portfolio lists all the stock you have invested in, what price it opened for that day, its current price, how many shares you own, and its value.

You can also sell your shares on this page. Ticker - A ticker is a letter combination a company uses to identify itself. No two companies share the same ticker. For instance, you have purchased 1, shares at 15nps a share 3 days. You have 3 lots. Lowest price of shares that can be purchased: I was buying stocks in the stock market when I noticed some of the companies such as BOOM and NEGG were completely bankrupt, with their stock values at zero.

Curious, I looked through the old Editorials and found one that said if a company goes bankrupt, then its stocks will be worthless forever! Could this still happen to my stocks? I don't want to lose my hard-earned Neopoints. Ahem, to answer your question: This is questionarchived from Editorial Issue Kacheek and Sons Landscaping has had their fun at the top of the stock market for quite some time now, and all of us investors are tired of kicking ourselves in the shins daily for selling way too early.

Could you give another stock a chance to rise to the top so that we can start bringing in some revenue again? Our shins would appreciate it. We don't manually control the Stock Market, so Guess we'll just wait and see what happens. How are you guys doing today?

Oh, you're excited to answer my question? I'll get on with it, then! A lot of us Stock Market players feel as though we are being a little neglected. Where is our avatar? Thanks for the reminder. We'll make a note to schedule it relatively soon. I was wondering why the payout for games cannot be increased, maybe even if for a little while, to help remedy this? For example, instead of the maximum being 1, NP per game played, it could be raised to 5, NP. Games are where most Neopoints are created, and inflation is being caused by there being too much NP floating around.

If solely playing games isn't fetching the Neopoints you need to buy your dream Neohome, we suggest exploring more areas of the site where Neopoints can be made, such as the Neopian Stock Market, restocking, or using your shop. That would be awesome! Thanks for 8 years of fun, by the way!

A lot of people prefer to be private about just how many Neopoints they have. Thanks for hanging with us for so many years! These days it's entirely random. Yes, it took some getting used to; I had a bit of trouble finding some things, but most have been found by now. One thing I really did like about the old layout, though, was the link to the Stock Market on the home page.

I have remedied the difficulty in finding the Stock Market going to games, searching for Stock Market by adding it to my favourite games. But, do you think you could put a link to it on the home page again? If you check out the main page you can get there quickly by clicking the Neopets logo in the upper left hand corner you'll notice that Neodaq Index status is now a link! We noticed a lot of people having difficulty getting to that area, so we decided to make your Neo-life a bit easier in that regard and changed it a couple days ago.

You can also get to the Stock Market and the Battledome via the Games Room. Since you are only allowed a limited number of shares each day, it's very important that you don't play the stock market in multiple accounts to try and circumvent this limit.

Anyone still have Bankrupt Stocks? : neopets

This would unbalance things, and would be considered cheating just like playing any other game on your alternate account would be. Sorry, I can't talk now.

BUY BUY BUY SELL SELL SELL. The stock market would go down and the bank would run out of money and there would be total CHAOS as everyone loses their money But that's just my opinion And I think it would be funny for me anyway I think a lot of people would be very distressed if anything like that happened, but who knows The Stock Market has been a little too stable recently Add some new stocks!!! New companies should be expected to go on sale shortly. I consider myself a stock market whiz and I was wondering if you could release some stock market avatars or shopkeepers?

I check my stocks a couple times a day, and want to know if I'm completely wasting my time The Neopian Stock Market is open around the clock, so you never know when those stocks are going to sky rocket. Also in a game I played once I remember there was also a car, um Can you make me not confused anymore? Ok, cars don't exist in Neopia. Nor do laptops, computers or anything super high-tech except in the Space Station.

Some of our games are just jokes such as the stock market and have little parody images like Nigel in his car. These games are seperate from the fantasy world that is Neopia, they are just on the site for fun. By the way the Quiggle in a car for the Mcdonald's drive through is just a sponsor thing. The drive thru will not ever be featured in cartoons, computer games, books, etc. Home About Us Apply for Staff Awards Coming Soon Contact Us Credits Help Us History Link to Us News Archive Rules Submit a Pet Testimonials.

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CSS Codes HTML Tutorial Tutorials Adblocking Tutorial. April Fools Jokes Monthly Shields Old Features Archive Quizzes Random Event Gen. Stock Market Click here to go to the Stock Market. Be sure to pin protect your stock as well as your bank account! Your Neopoints are easily available if you do not protect your stocks.

You can add a pin here. It went up to 18nps a share. Locate another company selling 15nps a share. Purchase 1, shares of stock B. Stock A that was at 18 yesterday is now at 19nps a share. Stock B is still at 15nps a share. Stock A is now at 24nps a share. Stock B is at 17nps a share. Purchase 1,nps of stock C. Stock A jumped to 30nps a share doubled from purchased price.

Sell stock A or wait and let it rise more it could fall also. Make money in nintendogs B dropped to 9nps a share don't panic, it shall come back.

Stock C is 20nps a share. Purchase 1, shares of stock D. AAVL have monopolosed the vending industry in Neopia. After setting up the company early in the month of Swimming ,they have made a huge profit by selling their bizarre alien creations to Neopians.

Slogan - When you have no other choice. Achyfi Enterprises manufactures extremely nasty soft drinks, yet they somehow manage to maintain market dominance. BreadMaster Bakeries have had a phenomenal year.

Following the success of their main branches, the Kacheek brothers intend to set up a BreadMaster Bakery in every town. Slogan - Cooked foods your mother wishes she could make. Bob is a Blumaroo Bingo Owner. Jealous of the popularity of Dice-A-Roo on Roo Island, Bob migrated to the mainland and set up a range of bingo parlours across Neopia, and he isn't doing too badly as a result!

Specialising in economical self assembly furnishings. Boda was formed in early in the month of running, year 3 daily compound interest calculator forex an Eyrie called Sven.

It is still very early stages for Boda but their future looks bright. The Megablaster is a remarkable piece of machinery with plenty of buttons, dials and speakers to impress your friends with. A very dark and mysterious company indeed. They work underground, popping up when people least expect it and stealing faeries, bottling them, and then selling them on. Why anybody lets these people on the Stock Exchange is beyond most people! After a slow start to the year Buzz-A-Way have started to pick up quite rapidly.

A mysterious epidemic on Umbuku Island did wonders for Buzz-A-Ways stock and things are beginning to 4xp how to create binary options review up.

Slogan - NO MORE PESTS with US! A company with a real history, Chia Steel has been serving the Neopian community for over 50 years. Producing everything from construction materials to cutlery Chia Steel looks set to last. Slogan - We are the role depository stock market work of the world. Chiatech has experienced some dark times, but with the newly appointed director of operations Alan Poogleton and a revolutionary encryption system things look set to improve.

Slogan - Never tell anyone your password! A mysterious, global organisation that promotes the eating of Fish at every meal. Sometimes when they do marches, their strange chanting can be heard for miles. Cybun got off to a flying start in Year 2 making isk eve online guide the release of their snazzy scooters.

Will they manage to hold off the competition and continue to grow? CEO Miss Cyberta Green certainly hopes so: Slogan - You think it, we make customer service. Following the success of Dice-a-roo, the game that took Neopia by storm Day trading s&p minis cant seem to do neopets stock market bankruptcy wrong.

CEO and Chairman King Roo aims to continue the success of Dice-a-roo with a whole string of interactive games due to be launched in the month of Storing.

The Neopian Stock Market | Game Guide |

If you see something icky, how to make money reselling shoes or just downright eeeeeurgh on sale in Neopia you can guarantee EEEEE was behind it.

The company was founded by a rather ecentric Scorchio inventor who wanted to make unusual products that change the world. His ideas have been met with limited success but rumour has it there is something very big due to be launched in the near future. Year 2 was not so peachy for Faerie Clothing Ltd. Their past few collections have been less than successful. Some critics referred to their Halloween collection as - just a bunch of grapes, thats not scary, thats dull.

Will they be able to forex australian dollar themselves with a fantastic Spring collection? We will have to wait and see.

Slogan - Enchanting outerwear for all occasions. Fish Pops were a sensation last year, they were all the rage to eat! The fact that they tasted pretty gross lead to their decline, and consequently the stock of their manufacturing company. After winning an exclusive contract with the Neopian Hospital Fuzz-I-Ow stocks have begun to pick up. Building on this extra stability, Fuzz-I-Ow plan to launch a range of fun plasters designed specially for children.

Slogan - We cannot kiss it to make it better, but we can do the next best thing. Hakaheke has had some serious competition from Peophin Cruises. Neopians have been opting for the cheaper, more traditional method of transport. If Hakaheke can continue to prove their impecable safety record and lower their prices they should be able to get their customers back, especially for longer journeys. Slogan - We will take you wherever you want to go.

The Quiggle owner of this company has diversified, and now owns a fleet of delivery Quiggles, all on Gold Bikes, that travel around Neopia dropping off fresh healthy food to your door!

Following rave reviews about his fine hot dogs, Hubert decided to take his company public. His dream is to own a hot dog stand in every town in Neopia, hopefully the money he raises now will help him fulfil his ambition. Jacko is in the business of painting Neopets, and with their wide, and ever expanding range of paintbrushes they seek to dominate the market.

Look out for their special seasonal varieties! Kacheek telecommunications are at present unrivalled in their field. Despite claims of poor customer service and technical support KATE looks set to dominate the market for a good few years to come. Slogan - We keep you in touch. Kau-Kau is the main producer of dairy products in Neopia. The had a bad few months following a bacterial scare but business seems more or less back on track. With a new line of flavoured milk drinks due for release early in the 777 futures binary investopedia review of Awakening, Kau Kau farm profits should begin to climb.

Slogan - Natural, fresh and yummy. Kor-Bat has been seeing hard times lately as the popularity of games such as Gormball and Dice-A-Roo have meant Cricket is played less and less, however their hardwood bats are among the finest in the land.

Slogan - Our bats will knock you for six. Founded by a quick thinking avid gardener, Kacheek and Sons specialises in landscape gardening for the rich and famous. With clients such as Kauvara, Thyassa and Ursula Usul, business is booming. Formed in the Month of Awakening, Y7, Lost Desert Scratchcards aims to sell the luckiest scratchcards in existence.

If they don't lose them first, that is. Lupe Consolidated is the brain child of CEO and founder Lupert Murdoch. Following the success of his first venture NeoCorp Lupert decided to build a one stop shopping experience specialising in consumer goods.

Mynci Banana Imports had a very slow year. Forced to diversify into other tropical fruits, the Muntando fruit looks like it may just save their business. Slogan - We bring the it fresh to your door. Nakron is a very new company that aims to provide high quality electrical services throughout Neopia.

They are only just installing their equipment so we have yet to see how successful they will be. Slogan - For our power is your power! National Neopian Bank PLC is one of the largest financial services groups in Neopia. Its purpose is to serve customers by understanding their needs as individuals and by offering services and products that anticipate and satisfy their requirements.

The bank has an unprecedented security record and handles million of neopoint transactions on a daily basis. You name it Neggwork Commerce have sold it at one time or another. Now aimed at top quality e-business solutions they intend to build up a strong presence on the internet community.

Slogan - We are the Profit Producers. Channel One boast of being the largest TV station in Neopia. In truth they are the only channel but they may face some competition from telecommunications companies such as Kacheek Telecommunications. Slogan - We are 1 on Channel One for all forms of TV entertainment. PD have recently signed a deal with the Trading Faerie to store items pending trades. If this contract is renewed their stock looks set to shoot through the roof.

This Water Park has had a lot of backlash following a series of tragic accidents. Increased safety measures and new management have been introduced in an attempt to turn this company around. Slogan - Have a splashing good time! Nobody ever goes in nobody ever comes out but the company accounts are astounding. Shoyrux Enterprises is a very mysterious company. No one knows exactly what they do, nobody goes into their offices and nobody comes out yet their stock price keeps on rising!

Slogan - Making your life easier. Silly Squirrel manufacture toys for baby pets, and generally anything that makes a rude noise. They also have a wide range of jokes and those small toys that you find within crackers! Skeith Bodyguards was founded in the month of Sleeping, Year 2. The CEO and Chairman Mr Butch Skeithness believes that security is the key to all successful businesses and intends to make partnerships with all the major Neopian by the end of the year.

Slogan - We will die for you. Skeiths are hungry little critters, and need to be fed constantly, and that is the basis around Skeith Feeding Ltd. For a fee they will send around one of their feeding consultants, and a dietary technician to help your Skeith maintain a glossy coat and healthy teeth. SSS is an innovative company ran by two young entrepreneurs. After running their own store for 2 years they decided to expand into the research sector to make truly unusual products.

Slogan - We are a research firm investigating the potential for Neopians finest stuffed animal toys, intricately designed, and lovingly handcrafted, for you - the caring owner. Set up by one rather enterprising Jubjub in early Year one, Shop Wizard N-Commerce is Neopias original comparison shopper. Now with locations all over Neopia this company looks set to soar.

Slogan - Comparison shopping at its best. It's been a phenomenal year for Auction Genie Inc. Since their early beginnings in Neopia Central to their branch offices on Mystery Island and high atop Happy Valley, the company has continued to expand and shows no sign of slowing down. Since their acquisition of Lupe Consolidated, it looks like Auction Genie Inc.

Slogan - Making your wishes come true unless you get outbid! Founded by a group of thespian Chias back in early year 2. The guild raises funds for acting scholarships and struggling artists.

Their performances are well renowned as being some of the most spectacular pieces of theatre ever seen. Year 2 has got off to a tremendous start following the release of their PetBo videos. Three times World Champion and president, Jayne Simmons claims to have a lot more revolutionary fitness routines in the pipelines so Techrobatics looks set to continue its current trend. Slogan - Eat, exercise and stay in shape with techrobatics.

Following the success of the well established Neopia Central Auction House things couldnt be better for this company. Rumour suggests possible expansion in late Year 3. Slogan - You sell, we buy. You buy, we sell. The Neopian Times is Neopia's premiere newspaper, bringing you all the latest news and tips. G consists of the finest performers in Neopia. If you see a spectacular play, performance or show you can guarantee T.

G was behind it. Slogan - What is fast, scary, and fun? Owned by the infamous PJ Grundonn, the Presidential Palace is one of the most oppulent ventures in the history of Neopia. Boasting a full size Casino, Olympic sized pool and 15 Restaurants this truly is a home for the rich and famous. Slogan - The finest things money can buy. The Shoyru Company has dominated the music industry since its formation in the month of Storing, Year One.

With stars such as Bunny Spears and NSkeith under their wing they look set to continue, as long as founder Lou Poogleman doesn't make anymore public bloomers. Slogan - The Music Company of the Stars! The vain Uni is often found either having her hair done, or hooves manicured.

There are around branches of Unis the most popular name in Beauty Salons around Neopia. This evil company is a front for Sloth and his nefarious schemes. Do not invest, we repeat do NOT invest! Yippee was founded by David Fuzio and Jubjub Yang way back in early Year One. Yippee currently provides search services for Neopia Central and plans to expand their directories to include Maraqua, the VirtuPets Space Station and Faerieland.

You name it, we will find it! Visit your Stock Portfolio when your 'paid' total is over 1 million np.

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