60 second binary options review in excel

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We were the first and still the only brokerage in India to run such a challenge to recognize and reward the hardworking trading community. The idea of the challenge is to keep you more focused on winning rather than just trading, and at the same time bring the fun back into it.

This year the challenge is getting bigger and better! Not only are we going to reverse brokerage for winners of the challenge, we will also give them opportunities at becoming star traders on OpenTrade. The challenge is to trade profitably over 60 trading days.

You can login to your Backoffice and you will see 3 challenges: Equity, Commodity and Currency. Once you click start, over the next 60 trading days if you are net profitable, you are declared as a winner. Starting the 60 Day Challenge from the New Back Office Q. Invoking the Profit and Loss report from Q. Do note that by 60 trading days, we mean days on which the markets are open for trading.

So 1 week will have 5 equity trading days, 5 commodity trading days and 5 currency trading days. All winners will be emailed a certificate from Zerodha acknowledging your success in the Day Challenge. You can print this and put it up on your wall as a memorabilia. Our business revolves around word-of-mouth advertising and keeping you profitable is a key to it.

As we have seen in our earlier challenges, the profitability of contestants during the challenge shoots up considerably, and a profitable you would probably mean that you will refer more people to the business. Love playing poker, basketball, and guitar. Unable to Start… When Clicking ion Start. How are Trading Days considered? If the day you click start is a holiday, the next working day will be considered as your first trading day. So 1 week will have 5 equity trading days, 6 commodity trading days and 5 currency trading days.

In this challenge, how many days we have to active and suppose sometimes i made a loss than i recover it and i did net profit. Mohit, as long as on the 60th trading day you have made profits, you are considered as a winner.

Also we have made a small change for equity, only trades executed within the period will be considered for the challenge.

We take into consideration only the trades executed during the challenge. How many Members will be Declared as winners in the Contest… Top or 20 or30…. Every person who is net profitable after the 60 trading day period will be declared as a winner, no limit on the number of people…. Is there any last date before which we need to activate the challenge in order to participate in it?

Or we can also activate it after one month also. Also, if we are permitted to start the challenge after say 1 month sometime in the month of May, then the validity of the contest will be counted as 60 trading days from when we start the contest?

Kalyan, you can start the challenge anytime you want before Aug 15th From the day you click start, 60 trading days from then would be counted. The only good thing with starting the challenge right away is that you will have an opportunity to take 60 day challenge twice before Aug 15th There is no rank, if you are a winner you get a brokerage refund, we send you a certificate, and display that you are among our profitable traders on the webpage.

Hi, I am interested and want to activate the same. From the day you click on start and over the next 60 trading days, all your trades is what is considered for your profitability. You need to profitable across all trades executed within this period. Only realized in case of equity. As mentioned above, your funds transfer and withdrawal has nothing to do with it. If your net profitable after considering all the trades during the period, you are a winner.

On the last day if you are holding any position, the profitability will be considered based on the closing price of your holdings on the 60th day. No conditions at all, you could have just done one trade or during this period, if you are net profitable the brokerage will be refunded for that period. Say i still have 24 days to go. At present i m in profit of very small amount lately able to recovered my losses made in last 36 sessions now if i stopped trading till my challenge day completes.

Will i get my brokerage refund? You have to delete all your browsing history and you will be able to see the start button. Open a new internet explorer window, under tools you will see internet options.

Click on internet options and you will see browsing history. Under browsing history, click on delete browsing history on exit and click delete. Close your internet explorer and login, you should see the start button and click it. Close your internet explorer, open a new internet explorer window and login to BO. Once logged in, you will see the 60 day challenge and the link to start. STT rs3. Yes you can trade only for 1 day in the 60 day period and if you are in profits you will get back the brokerage.

There is no conditions to this. Your turnover or how much money in your account has nothing to do with it. If during the 60 trading days, you are net profitable which means after paying all taxes, brokerage and other charges you are a winner. So if during the 60 days if your net profit is Rs and the brokerage paid is Rs during the period, the entire Rs is refunded.

Let say after 59daysi m in profit of after paying taxes and all now on day 60i have an open position which is at mtm lossthen am i eligible for for refund or not coz may be on day 61 that position may end in profit also.

For the challenge we will consider the closing value of positions that you hold on the 60th trading day. You will not be eligible for the refund. The video says that you can a chance to work as trader with Zerodha citrus paribus …. The attributes that we are looking for firstly is to be a profitable trader winner of the challenge and secondly when you interview we would check out for how much you risk on your trades, is there a logic behind your trade or are they blind bets and so on and forth….

How to start the challenge from Zerodha Trader? Or else Do I have to start the challenge online only? If started online and traded through Zerodha Trader, will it be consider as active participation? You have to start the challenge through our backoffice only, but once you click on start it will be on all trades you execute on your account no matter online version, software or mobile version….

I am only participating in commodities. I mean will there be separate list of winner for all three segments? I admire zerodha and its CEO Nitin. I take up this 60 day challenge and prove myself to be part of zerodha team. Net value actually shows profits after all charges and taxes.

60 second binary options review in excel

Gross ValueNet Value and Other Charges three things are shows Wrong Places in that performance window ………. Mohan, this thing will be fixed by tomorrow, the report here is not showing other charges correctly and also the net value for people who were holding positions from before clicking on start….

Zerodha day Challenge is very nice! I was trading from couple of years so this is very good challenge for me to check my efficienty of my trades. Thanks zerodha for introduction this concept. In 60 days challenge if i made a loss of Rs. No kinjhoh, your trading has to be profitablereferral amountmoney transferred inwithdrawn nothing will matter or be considered.

Ive started the challenge today evening. Ive accepted the challenge after finishing my trading today. In my backoffice home page the link for 60 Day Challenge in yellow color is disable.

Please help, I want to take the challenge. GB, You have to delete all your browsing history and you will be able to see the start button.

Send your client id and contact number along with it…. GB, also use the REPLY button to post, the thread will go longer if you post newly again. I have deleted the image and the other comment u posted.

You can repost it if you wish by using the reply button…. I guess this is a great chance for young traders like us to save large amt of brokerage. Zerodha please make the challenge for entire year: I am trading on behalf of my friend Prashanth S Id RP from my terminal. Regarding the interview for selecting the trader, how can I be called as the winner is going to be Prashanth?

Certificate would be in the name of the account holder but if the account holder authorizes we would consider. What is other charges being shown at the right bottom corner of status tracking window for day challenge? Also, if a participant takes challenge in more than a segment out of three viz equity, currency and commodity and. If you visit our brokerage calculator you will see all charges, other charges would be call n trade charges or any exchange penalties etc.

These are 3 different challenges. Yes we will have that issue fixed, NSE, BSE and MCX-SX will all show as one for equity and derivatives. It is a challenge, where you are pushing yourself to do the right things with the goal of staying profitable. Kindlt let me know whether the existing open positions will be taken in to account for zerodha challenge. Yes Vijay, the day you start the challenge closing price of the open position the previous day will be taken as a reference point.

The STT was reduced on equity futures from 0. I have not made any call or i have not incurred any penalty. There is a small issue with other charges, it ideally should show only call n trade or penalties, but right now it is showing a different number, will be fixed in a while. Has the issue in Back ofc rectified? I have a small doubt. Or are there any best of the best too happening? Can i place a withdrawal in btw 60 days? Suppose at 1st day i had zero balance and then at 5th day i invest 5k for trading.

It would be helpful if you could help track these 60days. If i accept the 60 day challenge would be enrolled for refund of brokerage or also the STT?? I joined the zerodha challenge on 5. We are fixing this issue Mohan, should be by the end of the week. Previous date contract not pertaining to me is given. The day challenge is quite simple actually.

Whatever positions you held before the start of the challenge will not be considered. Your profitability will be considered only for positions that have been taken during the challenge. I hope this clarifies. M i required to trade on all trading sessions falling in those 60 days to be eligible to be held as a winner????

You are not required to trade on all 60 days, if you have done 1 trade which has made money in those 60 days, you will get the refund at the end of the 60 day challenge. Very encouraging Program takenup by Zerodha…giving lowest possible brokerage charges 4 traders…n daily trying to give new upgradations in software…Glad 2 b a Zerodha trader…It vl b a surprise addition to d account after 60 days…all brokerage charges deducted in dese 60 days….

Gr8 going…just started 2 days back…n in profit as of now…sure good thing 4 traders!! Srinivasan i agree your point…. Hey i feel Alogz is very cool so did you try that Algoz Trading.?? Is the only 60th day MTM count or you will count all total MTM till 60th Day from the start of the challenge. If I win the Challenge when I will get the brokerages, mean how much time it will take to credit the amount. Gautam, basically all trades done in the 60 days and the MTM on your open positions as on the 60th day.

The brokerage credit will happen to your trading account within 2 weeks from when the challenge ends. I have started zerodha 60 day challenge on may and when i calculated trading days left till aug is 59 and if NSE does not organise special trading on saturdays then i will be able to trade for 59 days only. Should I am considered for zerodha 60 day challenge or not please clear my doubt.

You are still considered. I had a doubt. I choose Equity and Derivatives for 60 day challenge. Scenario is like this: I had made loss in Equity cash say for example Rs. So my ledger initial opening balance is and due to the profit it is now which is a addition of Rs. Or did i failed in the challenge. I have just completed my 60 days challenge in commodity. How can I see the results?

Evaluate will show all details of the last challenge, if you have made profits it will also show you a claim button and if you click on it, the brokerage will be refunded. This is my 60 days challenge report in MCX? Should I get back my brokerages after this? Sorry had missed your query, you will be able to see the claim only once the 60 trading days is complete.

I guess you would have seen it now and congrats on winning the challenge and staying profitable. My zerodha 60 days challenge will end on I want to start new challenge on 1st July but there are only 34 trading days before August In this case will I be considered for the challenge? From July 1st you will be allowed to complete the challenge in 60 trading days.

From Aug 15th you cannot take a fresh challenge. But if you click on july 1st, your challenge starts from the 1st and for the next 60 trading days. I will be starting to trade today so will it be possible for me to complete the 60 day challenge considering it ends mid August!! I guess the reason is the Net Value is being shown as 0.

Is this a bug in the software. If so, rectify this soon. I sent a mail. Looks like some issue with the backend. To be sorted out by today evening. Automatically, the brokerage can be refunded. I dont think anyone will be against it. Btw, this is a great initiative, which is a win-win situation for traders and brokerage house.

Will be spreading the word, hope you get a lot of new customers. Yes Sandy and optixx, issue with the equity challenge for clicking on the claim button. Working fine on the commodity. The tech guys are working on this and should be fixed by end of the day today.

Looks like the issue is still not resolved. The calculations were working on a day-to-day basis very well during the challenge. We were able to see the net profit and the total brokerage. Seems like taking more time to fix this. You have the data with you. Can we not make it automatic. I am not sure why you are pressing for getting the claim getting refund.

I would rather say not to ask for refund. Let Zerodha keep the money they have EARNED. It is perfectly alright to claim for the refund. There is a business strategy around what we are doing and we will share with you in the future. But for now, Ashish do claim for the refund, we will send you a beautiful certificate also acknowledging that you are a winner. We will also send out a testimonial form and we will appreciate if you can write and put up a photo.

We want the trading community to know that there are winners in the business of trading. People need a motivation to stay in the business and all of you winners will be the motivation. At the same time to Evaluate your performance, please click on the Evaluate button and view your results Cost Center wise. You will get the Claim Button in case you have been profitable. Click on claim and it will come as a request to us and we will initiate suitable actions to refund your brokerage, should take a maximum of 2 weeks.

Please let keep Zerodha the brokerage they have EARNED. Please do not claim it if your winner of 60 days challenge. People need a motivation to stay in the business and all of you winners will be the motivation and a target for other traders to get to.

We are hoping with this challenge to remind all our traders that we are all in this business to trade for profits and not just for the heck of it.

So does that mean only after claiming we will get a certificate? And there is no way I can do that currently. Click on claim and it will come as a request to us and we will initiate suitable actions to refund your brokerage. Also you are preaching that zerodha earned the brokerage. Instead send a mail to Zerodha and asked them to provide ONLY the certificate. Can you do that?. When you enter any competition, before entering you should know what is the outcome.

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I have claimed the price. I do not want to disrespect the competition. You can ask your question in the respective blog. You can see the categories on the right side of this page, almost every aspect of our business is covered in those. Can I drop account opening forms and supporting documents along with cheque to your Ahmedabad support center?

It is very near to my office in-fact next building. You surely can drop it in the office there. You can also find the local contact number in Ahmedabad on our website. Last month you have mentioned that more than ppl have started the challenge. Am sure, that the list will grow till or so by Aug 15th discounting same ppl starting twice. Do you have plans to publish all the names of those who were profitable at the end of the challenge in your website? Or just a select few? We will be publishing only those who agree for us to display the names.

But yes, we will publish and share on our FB and social media. I am yet to recieve Certificate or Brokerage return although I have hit the claim button on 5th July Upon dropping a mail to customer care, they have replied that brokerage will be refunded starting from Aug I am confused right now. Just need one clarification on the brokerage returns.

OR will it be added to the trading margin? When can we expect the credit to happen? The brokerage will be credited to your trading account. Will show on the books as a brokerage refund. Credits should happen from tomorrow, we will be sending out the certificates today and also some information that will help us and fellow traders. I completed 60 day challenge on 28th June successfully taking my equity account to the maximum on the final day of 28th June.

By when can I get the certificate for the same? My associated email id with this account is same as the one which is associated with my Trading ID.

So please what is a stockbroker definition a look into my performance. Please have a look and let me know if you see me as a potential trader to be hired by your firm. Did you get the certificates? If you send the how to get a lot of money fast on simpsons tapped out out, it will happen faster.

I guess there is lack of clarity of when the brokerage will be returned. Being specific jamie seattle forex help. Kindly through fx trader business solutions more light on this topic. You can consider this as a first round screener, it is not absolute returns but what we are looking for is people who show discipline in their trading and also stay profitable.

Discipline in terms of strategy and risk management. During the 60 days challenge, we are able to check the net value in the back end system. But is there a way to calculate the percentage returns we made? There is also MTM to worry about. In the evaluation page of the 60 day challenge, you can see the net amount which basically shows how much you are up or down by.

After completion of 60 Days, How many days it will take to get back the brokerage refund in profit forex trading taxable account? Is it immediate or will take some time. Its 3 weeks over still stp stock buy or sell have not received any refund or any certificate or any intimation about it.

Can you please tell characteristics of successful forex traders how much time it will take? Good news that the zero brokerage challenge is extended till Dec I am on the second challenge and will get over by month end.

Can I start the challenge for the third time immediately? If one is in profit in Equity and loss in Equity Futures, and the profit is more than loss, howmuch Brokerage willbe reffunded. Will you refund the total brokerage of Equity and Equity Futures or only Equity.

What happens if I sell my long term holding which bought earlier and sold during challenge period? For example I bought X company shares before and sold during challenge period. If at end of challenge period X share value isI am a looser or winner?

At the start of the challenge we will have a value for your long term jesse livermore-how_to_ trade_in_stocks_(1940 original)-en.pdf and the profitability of this trade would be considered based on the holding price on the 1st day of challenge.

But, your software calculated in other way. Suppose if I buy shares before challenge period and sold during the challenge. If the value at 60th day of challenge is Because of this, backoffice showed my second challenge is on loss, even though I made profit. Hey Naren, If you are carrying any equity position into the challenge and are selling it during the challenge, the buy price that will be considered is the price of the stock as on the opening day of the challenge.

I am one of the winner in zerodha 60 days challenge. I am looking forward for you offer for the interview for prop Trader. Could you please tell me when are you going to call for the the interview. Please guide me about the Interview.

How will I get Certificate of a winner in 60 days challenge as I am a winner in equity segment My Client ID is RA The brokerage refund is done in batches. We declare the people who make net profits during the challenge as winners, it is based on all the trades you have done.

If you are in profits we declare you as a winner, give you a certificate acknowledging and also refund the brokerage. Traders who have consistently made profits while trading, we feature them on the Zconnect section of our website as well.

What we will do? If the claim button is not pressed, we will not get to know if the challenge is complete or not and if a person has won it or not.

Could you update this. If 25th is a trading holiday, the challenge will end either on the 24th re5 best place to make money on the 25th. My 60 days challenge has been completed on 25th October in which I was in net profit of approx. I clicked on claim button to claim the brokerage after the challenge after two days which was showing net profit at that time.

The brokerage has not been refunded as of now. Also, I had bought some options on last day of challenge in the last minute of trading which I forex indian bank on next trading day in profit. But now when I click on Evaluate button on backend it shows my challenge to be in net loss which was actually in profit even if closing price of option is considered for calculation.

I am not able to understand WHY MY NAME IS NOT APPEARING on the 60 days challenge winners page.

Nadex 60 Second Binary Options In Excel: Top 5 Binary Auto.

I already have two wins in my kitty — one for commodities and one for equities future and options. I have completed the zerodha challenge for derivatives successfully, I heard that there how to make a duct tape money clip some opportunities in your firm and associated hedge funds for traders, if there is some opportunity, I will be interested in trying for the same and explain my views on trading and the can forex solve unemployment problem i trade.

My id is DM, kindly check, if interested please reach me. I recently opened an account and started trading. I have just started the 60 day challenge so wanted to know if the challenge will continue in Hi Nithin how many times can we take this challenge? Presently it is on till decbut we will be extending this into I would like to know if I can open an account with Zerodha and take the challenge now or is it too late?

What is ur projected date of termination of this challenge. I am looking to grab this opportunity to be a hedge fund trader. Thanks for starting Zerodha. It took 3 years to find that such wonderful concept exist. Proven best training forex indicators to Youtube i say for finding Zerodha.

The best thing is the efforts and idea you have put to built a community of practise for traders is very unique and which current pakistani rupee dollar exchange rate me to open an account with you.

One Question 60 Day challenge i have initiated. Nice concept of Gamification. I wish that we have an option to show our trades and profits made and a stack ranking of the traders? Suppose i tradeonly 1 day during this 60 dy challenge — and i am in profit — will the brokerage refunded?? Brokerage will be refunded to your trading account, you need to click on evaluate and claim on the backoffice.

Will get someone to call you back and explain how. Hi Team, Couple of questions 1 For 60 Day challenge, in cash segment, is delivery trades also included or is it only intraday trades?

We wish you a very happy new year. Here are your answers: All kinds of trades are included in the challenge as long as the buy and sell has happened within the day challenge range. Each challenge is treated individually.

There is no connection between the two. Also i read the above posts and the same question was asked earlier and NITHIN said the same. Sorry, I got confused between the cost centers. Hi Nitin How can we come to know if we r in net profit. Is it net receivables — net payablebrokerage fee tran. Also how many days it takes to refund the brokerage if alpari forex in nigeria win.

If you login to our backoffice bo. Once you win, the brokerage refund can take upto 10 days. This day challenge is extended to 31st March Nithin, Could you let me know the tax implications of the brokerage return. That amount directly gets added to the profit and we are supposed to pay tax on that rite. Am sure lot of clients will be interested in knowing about tax, how to set off some profits against expenses etc.

Download the NCFM workbook for technical analysishas very nice information on a lot of indicators. Hi, I have completed the Equity challenge with positive note 3 weeks forex plano tx and I evaluated on the same day. Can you please let me know the status of it.

Pavan, you need to click on claim after evaluating. I am forwarding your client ID to him. Thanks 60 second binary options review in excel I got my Brokerage back… Really good programe which improves my technical skills. Hi Zerodha Team, i had recently won the 60 day challenge challenge time period ended on Jun and i have clicked the claim button around 28th or 29thbut still forex online canadian brokers received the brokerage refund.

Do let me know when i will get it? When i login to new reporting tool and click EQuity 60 day challenge, I am getting Psge is out of date error. I just opened account and i would like to do 60 day challenge. Akhil, you need to start the challenge before 30th Sept, 60 days will be counted from when you start. Login to Q and start it. Hi, If I look at the old backoffice my net value is shown as But in new Q tool, the profit is shown as As per my understanding the net value will be considered, right?

Why there is a difference between two values. If you can let me know your client ID and time period for which you are trying to see your profitability, I can have it double checked. Nilesh, net profitability after all charges and taxes. We disqualify anyone trying to manipulate.

Can I take the 60 day challenge even now? Also, will my current open positions be considered if i take the challenge have sold nifty options for sept expiry 60 second binary option canada 3g have have few open stock options. Can I also take the challenge beginning 26 sept, starting from oct. Yep, you can start any day, and your challenge will be considered based on the value of your open position as on the closing price of that day.

Thanks Nithin, decent trading platform, low brokerage and find this challenge a pleasing initiative. I etrade.com customer service my First 60 Mortgage underwriter jobs working from home Zerodha challenge… Very recently.

I have won 60 days challenge couple of days back. When will the brokerage amount for the challenge period gets refunded? Will it be credited to my trading account or bank account? Also when certificate will be issued? I am doing investment trading and day trading for the last 30 years, I resigned my job in to do research in trading and earn my daily livelihood.

For 2 years I was getting losses eventhough I was making profit trades everyday due to high commission. Some brokers are not sending contract letters everyday for me to understand what is happening.

From the day-1 I have been making profits every day forex trading alligator indicator withdrawing everyday for the daily household expenditure. I am grateful to you. Your day challenge is cakewalk for me, because that is a must for my survival I have been dealing with customer service of many trade soybean futures and companies they are harsh sometimes and not understanding what I the egyptian stock market talking.

Only in the case of ICICI bank I am able interact with CEO. You are very humble and simple with customers, I sincerely appreciate you. There was no redponse. Kindly expedite it to help me make more trades. I am forwarding my algorithm for your reference. It is aresult of 3years hard work. If it is done I will become a billioniore within 3 months. I am forwarding the book also. Now my fear is your employees may give my algo software to other clients without any benefit for me.

I am hesitating to send mail to you for the last 3 how to make a duct tape money clip. In that case other trader may obstruct me in my trading. I request you to kindly take action sasfeguarding my interests. I do not mind not getting software for me. Yep, saw your email. We should be able to help you out with this. Hi nithin I mailed Vinay before 4 days.

Every time I mail I m getting the same reply — it s being processed check u r ledger after 2 days. Jordanie stock market m very happy trading with zerodha but in this case I m disappointed.

You are not required to trade everyday. You could have just 1 trade in 60 days, and if it makes money, you are a winner.

Hi Nithin, I would like to apply for the role of a professional trader at the Zerodha Prop Desk. I have both won and lost the 60 day challenge in the past but I have acquired the skills required as a trader over the past 2 years.

I know I would be an asset to your firm with the knowledge I have gathered, but more than that I want to learn more and work in a team.

Please let me know how I can go about this so as forex prox be given an opportunity to attend an interview. I read that 60 day challenge is extended until 31st March Kindly clarify if the last day is the day before which one should have opted for the challenge or it would the last day of trading within the challenge period.

Hi I am using nse NOW app for trading. Can you please answer me below queries as I am facing problem. Which option I have to select for buy today and sell after two days. Is their any option which enable me to buy and sell at anytime and any day.

CNC option itself for BTST. Since you buy and sell using CNC, no need to convert. Or will it stop once i standard chartered bank malaysia foreign exchange rate ir?

I completed 3 times 60 Day challenge. Two times failed last time become winner. April 2 i started again new challenge. But today i check my 60 day challenge page nothing found. Congratulations on winning the challenge! We see that your current aftermarket stocks for sks is active and has commenced on 2nd April. I completed my 60 Day Zerodha challenge… Very recently.

This will take upto 10 working days. I completed my 60 Day Zerodha challenge for the first time… Very recently. Getting aggressive could mean a trader risking his entire capital. Tanishq, have been held up in this rush of all the new launches. Have not been able to interact and write about our winners.

Will it alter anything? I won my latest challenge, RK Congrats, the physical certificate can take a couple of weeks, but you will have the online one soon. Faiz, trading on Indian exchanges is unlike trading binary options. You have to first open an NRI trading account, check this post. I am still awaiting my refund, online certificate and the physical one, id Christmas market stockholm dates, I did click on refund more than 10 working days ago.

Do I need to proactively call or email to anyone for certificates? I have opened Commodity account with Zerodha 2 years 60 second binary options review in excel, but started trading since last month. I can book profits regularly in SILVER trading and transferring profits to my trading account. My 60 Day Challenge is going to finish today. How many days does it usually take for the brokerage refund? Is it transferred to our trading account or bank account?

Forex tpl file this a continuous process? Yep, continuous, u can start another challenge from tomorrow. Yep, in the next 10 anzac day trading hours 2016 qld, the entire refunding brokerage will be automated without any manual intervention.

It was a huge operational hassle. We will list all forex brokers an e-certificate via email, if you want us to courier you the physical certificate it will cost Rs including courier charges. Hi Nitin, my 60 says challenge completed on 17aug.

In your zerodha Q it would shown that brokerage refund will be caused stock market crash 1929 yahoo answers within 10 working days. And yes your 60 Days challenge is really encouraging. Abhineet your request will be processed at roboforex webtrader earliest, you can verify the refund status on your back office ledger details.

What is the procedure for obtaining the certificate and getting your name in the list of winners? You can login to Q, and click on 60 day challenge. You can put a request through there. I won my second 60 day challenge yesterday, happy to survive market collapse in august as I predominantly sell options.

Also, I want to know more about commodity trading via zerodha, I understand there are no options only futures, so mainly want to know about the lot size, places where I can gather news only trading equities. I do not see a lot of information in Z-connect in commodity section. Hi, I trading software testing forex 2 queries regarding 60 day challenge.

Dear Sir, Is 60 day challenge free or are you charging fee for this? Is it for intraday or for delivery also? There is no fee. If you win the challenge, the brokerage at end of 60 days gets refunded.

Yep free forex compounding calculator download all segments. In 60 days we want to make profit all days????

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Plz currency converter euro to pak rupees me know the processer for refund. I account got activated yesterday and I dont have 60days to complete the challenge. Please make end of year as the last day to take challenge.

Yes Vishwanatha, this is extended till April. Also once you start, what is a call option delta of when it ends, u will get to complete the challenge. Its a nominal fee of Rs. After that I have bought some equity shares which I do not intend to sell within next 2 months. If I am in profit after 60 days, Is there any max limit of brokerage that can be claimed for refund?

Rajat, only the profits made of exited trades during the 60 day challenge is considered for profitability. Yes, 30, is the max that we will refund. As as a regular at 60 day challenge, I think the feature of exited trades is beneficial to traders customersand perhaps a bit unfair for challenge.

One of them will surely make money for me to win the challenge. Even if i loose a little bit in the other trade net effect will mostly not be much and I will win back the challenge amount which can potentially be up to 30k. I think previously we used to count open positions and have changed that in last couple of months. I understand that one cannot trade for 2 or 3 days and claim as challenge winner.

But one may not be taking trades on all days and, say, if we take trade in every alternate trading day it will be 30 trades.

So how many trades has to be taken in 60 days to be eligible for the result? Even if you make one trade in the whole challenge period and are profitable, the brokerage will be reversed. Is the challenge extended till April ? I heard from my friend but cannot see anywhere, Can u pls confirm? If yes, can I start challenge even on last day and still use the benefit? The usage of only realized profit is good. This would help us to strategize on last day for those who are on border.

If someone wants to check even unrealized, then an option can be kept before the 60 day challenge if we want to consider unrealized as well. Also, are all the winners not published in website? I won last time but could not see my name? Thanks for keeping up the good work. Hope zerodha challenge will continue forever and not stop in I referred my friends tempting about this challenge only.

The challenge is on till 31st December Suddenly, today when I have only 4 days left, my unrealized loss is added in my Zerodha challenge. Can you please look into it asap? Getting it Checked if it was showing differently on your individual account.

I would like to interview for the Zerodha Prop Desk. What do I have to do to be given this opportunity? Bharat, firstly if you can send the account details in which you have been trading actively. The first step will be for us to see if you have been profitable consistently without taking too much risk. Is this challenge time over or not. But my question is 1. How the refund will be adjusted? If your portfolio is in profit after 60 working days after commencement of challenge, then you are entitled for a brokerage refund.

However, max refund is Rs. You need not trade for all 60 trading days. Refund will be for the brokerage generated for 60 trading days from when you start. The start button is not visible to start the challenge. Tried in IE and chrome. I would like to take the challenge, positional trader considered for this challenge and kindly pls clarify the question below. If i will be buying a stock future contract, since i think that the stock may go down, hence i hedge the stock by buying put option.

Suppose if my stock which i bought and the other day i see the stock gapped down toand i bought my put option at Would i be in loss or would i be in hedged? You would be in loss until you sell your option position. Margin requirement for your position will drop significantly though because you hold the put options. Yes positional trader also considered for 60 day challenge.

Starting April 1st, we have decided not to do any brokerage refunds on 60 day challenge. In the last message, it was mentioned brokerage refunds will not be done after 1st April. But in the main post it was mentioned refunds upto can be claimed. It is my first challenge. My start date is Mar and estimated end date June I would like this 60 day challenge to continue forever. Participating in this challenge makes me to win every time and forces me to trade better.

I started trading with Zerodha from Jan and won my first challenge. And i am doing pretty well for the second time. Thanks a ton for you guys to come up with this. As i said earlieri dont mind forfeiting my brokerage refund.

But keep this challenge forever. Hi nithin my name is omprakash. Regular trader for zerodha. Had some query on 60 day challenge. Profit means realised profit or net realised profit. This challenge is for temporary or permanent? Yep, at the end of 60 trading days, if you are profitable the brokerage is refunded. Net profitable, so after all charges and all.

Sir, I have exp of 2 years and will be opening an account with Zerodha soon.

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No need to trade every single day. Since options contract is all above Rs 2lks, so brokerage is a flat Rs I had won 60 day challenge last time and going to win one more time consecutively by today. I have the following questions. Is there any screening done over the trades I had done? Is it based ROI, capital, risk trades? What type of traders will be in opentrade? There are more winners in webpage, but few are in OpenTrade.

By looking at the trade book or talking to me in interview? I am really happy with Trading in Zerodha. I am bit concerned about max refund policy Rs for 60 day as I do more trades everyday. It looks like 5 trades per day free per day if I am going to be the winner: This is currently a manual process, also since brokerage is already collected there are some accountancy issues also that take time.

You can show this brokerage as refund, so your cost reduces. You can send a request to opentrade. Talking to you during interview and corroborating it with your trade details.

Why my days of challenge are expanding automatically? To be considered as a winner, you need to have been actively trading during the challenge. I am trying to start the 60 day challenge again.

Th e challenge got started for commodity and equity. Yeah, you can start a 60 day challenge, finish it and take another. Have you checked out opentrade. This answer is pertaining that. But Zerodha is Totally Different. The Secret of Success Of this Company is its CEO Mr.

Sadly their Heavy Brokerage ate Most of My Profits. I did not receive my last challenge certificate. I got an email that I had been shortlisted. New stars by tomorrow. Some issues with the old page. Great to see Zerodha, under your able leadership, coming up with new initiatives that help customers. In US one has trading championships which run over months and many successful traders, like Larr Williams, Marty Schwartz etc, have used it to successfully catapult themselves.

Have you considered something on those lines where people start with maybe 10 lac money points fake money which can be used in a simulated environment but with real time quotes and execution ability. It could also be linked to their Zerodha account, if so chosen, so that they do not have to place trades separately.

Also it could be either free or for participation one needs to purchase credit points. The top 3 winners at the end of the stipulated price period can be given a purse and can be included on Open Trade as stars. In 60 day challenge, maximum brokrage refund is If my brokrage is more then then i get or not? And please do not stop this challenge Thanks.

Sirwhat is the minimum amount profitability to be declared as winner? I mean what if i only made 1 RS the end of 60 day challenge in equity? I do not see the winner page right now. Any work going in winner page? I have won 60 day challenge 3 times and going to win 1 more time continuously.

My name is also short listed in opentrade. What is the eligibility and criteria to get participated in pro trading? Like time period and return expectation? If my profile needs to get published in main page of 60 day challenge winner http: Do I need to win more 5 times consistently with good return?

We are working on a new winners page and certificate. You will get it soon. To get featured, yeah you need to have like a track record of atleast 1 year with us.

I ahve won the 60 days challenge but certificate is not sent to me on my registered email id. When I mail to Zerodhaone of the executives said certificates will only be provided only if brokerage exceeds Rs. But in my case brokerage does not exceed Rs. Raju, there is effort involved in sending those certificates, hence we have that limit. Sending it to only active traders. Sixty day winners page is not opening for last 2 to 3 months.

Is it completely removed from zerodha? I won the 60 day challenge on 23 mar But till now 10 aprI have not got my brokerage refund. My Total Profit is showing less than what i have actually made — Are the withdrawals also being taken into picture.

I sold an equity from my holdings during 60 day challenge. I had bought it before the start of challenge from secondary market. Is the same followed for derivatives as well? I am using 60 day challenage, currently I am in profit and 1 day left 25th April for ending my 60 day challenge.

Myt position is selling of call and put options? In fact pocketing all the profit, Zerodha is happy to share it with clients and in turns they could able to increase client base because of mouth publicity. All the best Zerodha team. Today is my last day of 60 days challenge and I am in profit of around But when I am trying to open the page, one pop up comes and page is not opening properly.

My name is Devang Rachchh, I won 60 day challenge which was completed on 26th April, I was supposed to get brokerage refund in 10 days from challenge complete. However, I have still not received amount in my account, may i know the reason and let me know when can I get refund amount in my account? My client id is RD Hello, Could you guys look into my refund from the last 60 days challenge which ended on 18th may!

Will have this checked. Open an Account Updates-Latest at Zerodha Pi Beta Updates Why Zerodha? Zerodha Associate Program Zerodha in News — Headlines Zerodha in News — Quotes. Start the Zerodha 60 Day Challenge comments.

What is the challenge? How to Start the challenge? If you have a good track record as a trader, you could have many followers who will pay to view your market action.

Finally, today if you want to set up a cricket team, you can visit 20 cricket grounds, spot the talent and you can set up a pretty decent team. But what if someone wants to set up a trading team? Trading, similar to sports and arts, requires the person to have an inborn talent and is very tough to spot as everyone is trading on their own online.

For all of you talented traders who wish to be professional traders, we see a business model being a scout, connecting you to the world of prop shops and hedge funds who are continuously looking for traders with skills.

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